Coming Soon!

Concord Era: Volatile Energy

Still a project in development, this story promises loads of exploration, secrets and quests.

Mysterious and dangerous, this old-school RPG will let you follow Arcor and his friends as they try to unravel the secrets behind the so-called Energy Lines. Battle monsters, find secret rooms, locations and spots, complete various side-quests, find new travelling companions and complete their personal quests to unlock new bonuses. Cities, towns, villages, temples, ruins and much more are there for you to discover. Will you be able to lift the mystery veil that covers the Energy? What new friends and foes will you meet in this adventure? Stay tuned for more to come.

Krinos Golden Ascension

Krinos Golden Ascension is a new fantasy, old school rpg, currently being developed by Vexing Cat Games. This adventure tells the story of a heroine who explores Krinos, a fantastic, colorful world full of secrets. Follow her steps as she unveils the mystery behind an ancient prophecy and help her to restore peace back to the world.