Coming Soon!

The Alchemist Adventures

Still in development with the project name “The Alchemist Adventure”, this story revolves around Estevot, the royal alchemist!

Light-hearted, fun and mysterious, this RPG will let you follow Estevot and his friends as they try their best to find rare herbs to cure the king’s rare illness. Battle monsters, harvest plants, mine rocks and cut logs for ingredients, collect alchemical recipes, mix potions and elixirs, explore forgotten places and navigate through ancient ruins, dangerous caves and lush forests. Complete side quests and small tasks called “micro quests” to fill in your Quest Log and get many rewards!

As this game is still in development, screenshots are not uploaded currently. This page will be updated in due time with more information and media.

Krinos Golden Ascension

Krinos Golden Ascension is a new fantasy, old school rpg, currently being developed by Vexing Cat Games. This adventure tells the story of a heroine who explores Krinos, a fantastic, colorful world full of secrets. Follow her steps as she unveils the mystery behind an ancient prophecy and help her to restore peace back to the world.