The Winter’s Deal – Frosty Edition


Released: December 2019

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The Winter’s Deal – Frosty Edition is a fun, holiday-themed, old school rpg with turn-based combat. It is the complete reworked version of our old game “The Winter’s Deal” with a lot of new and exciting content! Now, as for our story? Just after the events of The Deal, the four heroes, Cyrus, Jonathan, Donna and Myrella, are summoned by the people of Snowbelle Island, to the far north, to fight against some strange, demonic creatures, that appear every year there, and save the holidays! Even though our heroes are powerful and veterans, due to a curse, whoever sets foot on that island forgets their skills, magic spells and adventuring experience! Now, Cyrus, Jonathan, Donna and Myrella, need to fight monsters, explore, find secrets, buy equipment and learn new skills, like any other rookie adventurer would!

Dive into a winter, snowy and freezing adventure! Pick up loot presents, fight against demonic powers and explore. Moreover, search and find rare items, complete various quests to help the people and, at last, solve the mystery behind these new, bizarre monsters that wreck havoc on Snowbelle Island!

The Winter’s deal – Frosty Edition features

  • True Fullscreen mode from the Options
  • Controller/touch/keyboard/mouse support
  • FPS Synchronization option for monitors (check the options)
  • Choose between Easy and Normal difficulty
  • Find fighting skills through exploration and quest completion!
  • Winter, festive and snowy atmosphere everywhere!
  • Quest Log and quest bubble icons to keep track of everything
  • Save your progress anywhere you want
  • Visible, non-respawning enemy encounters
  • Quick Combat! (press the action button while in battle)
  • 7 secret rooms
  • Lots of loot, items and gifts!
  • More than 4 hours of festive gameplay


You may, also, check out The Winter’s Deal – Frosty Edition on Steam.

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