A new version arrived for Shattered Worlds, fixing two issues. In more detail:

A] Secret Room #1 was not accessible after recruiting Karul. If the player hadn’t visited it previously, they could not visit it later. Now, it’s fixed so that the player may visit Secret Room #1 later in the game, when the player can enter in Keithe Castle again.

B] Small glitch for “Mysterious Diary” quest in Lapale Forest. The quest would not be marked as completed, if the player does not put all the belongings with the forest’s hermin. This didn’t have any impact to the game, since the game itself recognizes the quest as completed, but just doesn’t mark it as such.

Please update to this version, so that you have no issues with any of your playthroughs.

Apologies for releasing a new version nearly every other day, but as you imagine, creating a large and complex game like Shattered Worlds comes with some errors, mistakes and oversights as well!