Aplestia:Retold Walkthrough Videos

Aplestia:Retold has some parts in the game, where the player needs to complete some movement-based puzzles. It’s logical that many players would want some kind of a visual walkthrough. First of all, there are three back to back puzzles in Kindynos Kinesis Area, the mini-dungeon behind the Stone Gate in Kindynos Valley. Below you can watch three videos with the puzzle solutions.

Kindynos Kinesis Area puzzle 1

Kindynos Kinesis Area Puzzle 2

Kindynos Kinesis Area Puzzle 3

Furthermore, near the end of the game, you will find yourself in The Gap. This is a room with an invisible path that you have to walk on “blindly”. Walking on a wrong tile, your team will suffer by losing 30% of their magic points. Moreover, there is a treasure chest there that contains valuable treasure. Check out the video below to be sure that your steps are being taken correctly!

Lastly, if you find the game to be difficult, confusing or you just want to have a trusty walkthrough next to you and never miss a secret, then check out Aplestia:Retold Walkthrough Guide that you can find on the game’s page!

This page may be updated with extra videos if people need them!