Released: March 2021


Aplestia:Retold is an old school, turn-based rpg for the PC! It unfolds the story of Britton, Summer, Rover and Marina, four friends that went on their first S Class Quest, by mistake! Even though they are still rookie adventurers, they will try their best to tackle on a difficult, gem-related and full of mystery adventure! Follow their steps as they travel on the colorful and gem-monster pested Aplestia island! They will have to find secrets, solve problems, defeat various enemies and complete quests!

For the most part, this adventure will challenge your exploration prowess. Secret rooms, super secret rooms, ancient ruins and hidden places are all there, waiting to be discovered. Moreover, be ready to utilize a plethora of skills, spells and permanent stat boosts to maximize your strategy! How about epic weapons, armors and rings? Unlockable mini-dungeons that will test your wit and powers? Shops, side quests and interactive objects and characters? In a word… the short answer is yes!

Will they be able to help the people of the island? Will they put a stop to darkness’ plan? Aplestia:Retold is the remade version of the 2017 game Aplestia. All in all, it features double the content, more story, lore and information about the world. In addition, many new quests, places to visit and a completely reworked soundtrack are waiting for you to explore them!

Aplestia:Retold features

  • True Fullscreen mode from the Options
  • Choose Window Skins from the Options
  • Controller/touch/keyboard/mouse support
  • FPS Synchronization option for newer monitors
  • Choose your difficulty option
  • Quick Combat!
  • Colorful, full of gems areas
  • 6 secret rooms with a visual cue
  • 10 super secret rooms
  • Epic Weapons, Armors and Rings
  • Fun and unique characters to interact with
  • 26 side quests – trackable with a Quest Log
  • Virtual Notepad
  • Save your progress anywhere you want
  • Visible, non-respawning enemy encounters
  • Mini-bosses and optional Bosses to challenge your strategy
  • 28 unique music tracks
  • Over 12 hours of gameplay, depending on the difficulty and exploration

Check out more information as well as the trailer on the blog post.


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