Aplestia:Retold Walkthrough Guide


The Aplestia:Retold Walkthrough Guide is a 65 A3 page pdf file. It presents the game in screenshots, accompanied with text and various tables for loot. All of that, presented with a friendly, first-playthrough manner. In essence, it is a play-along companion book for every player!

In other words, the guide contains all dungeon and stages layouts, their loot and the enemies within them. Furthermore, it presents in text and symbols, the optimal order for the player to visit places, so that you leave no item or quest behind! In addition to that, enemy stats, skills and spells, loot and items, apparel and points of interest are shown clearly in their own tables and/or emphatic manner. At the end, you will also find  the quest log table. There, you will see all side quests, how to initiate them, how to complete them and what reward they give.

-> Only the last 2 screenshots are of real size. The other ones are resized and cut accordingly.

-> Check out the Aplestia:Retold Walkthrough Guide Sample to see if it fits your adventuring and exploration needs!

-> Keep in mind that the guide follows Aplestia:Retold’s story and layout. It will not help you with the old Aplestia game.


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