A Spooky Teaparty


Released: October 2019


A Spooky Teaparty is a fun, halloween-themed, cynical, old school rpg with the traditional turn-based battle system. In addition, its levels are designed in a way to resemble a dungeon crawler, even though it’s a full-fledged, normal jrpg. Now, have you ever wondered what happens when, suddenly, a regular, boring tea party teleports your adventuring group to a mysterious castle? In the first place, everything there seems different, odd and yet… interestingly spooky!
Follow Rover, Summer, Britton and Marina to a brand new adventure after the events on Aplestia island! Help them uncover the truth behind this bizarre adventure, by leading them through the four different dimensions! Moreover, solve problems, complete quests, enter magical and secret rooms and battle with many different monsters! Furthermore, flip switches, assist characters with tasks, find a plethora of items, throw spooky junk food in magical cauldrons to summon bosses and emerge victorious! In addtion to all that, keep an eye out for cauldrons that may contain treat or… a trick!
Looney skeletons, wondering ghosts, treat-or-tricking cauldrons and more are all there to enhance the amusingly spooky and very fun atmosphere!

A Spooky Teaparty features

  • True Fullscreen Mode through the options
  • Controller/touch/keyboard/mouse support
  • FPS Synchronization option for monitors (check the options)
  • Quick Combat! (press the action button while in battle)
  • Trackable quests with a trusty Quest Log
  • Choose your difficulty option at the start of the game
  • Aesthetically pleasing areas with lots of treasure, loot and traps!
  • Funny dialogs and atmospehere
  • 7 secret rooms with visual cues
  • 4 Mythic Weapons for you to find
  • Visible, non-respawning enemy encounters
  • Rich gameplay of 4+ hours depending on your exploration prowess and the difficulty mode!
  • Free guide for helping you out with the exploration and other stuff! Click on the button below!


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