The Deal


Released: November 2016


The Deal is a fantasy, old school rpg featuring a turn based battle system. Follow Cyrus, Myrella, Jonathan and Donna during their travels throughout Carca, a colorful and full of mysteries continent! Fight monsters and demons, solve puzzles, clear dungeons, find loot and get legendary weapons and armors. With over 250 different armors, accessories and weapons, there are always new items to find in The Deal! Cynical and fun characters await to hear of your amazing feats during this adventure rpg and to move in to your own personal camp, where they can give you quests, information and gifts! Talk with people around Carca; they will lead you to either new adventures or to insanity!

The Deal RPG Features

  • Mouse/keyboard/gamepad and touch input support
  • Visible monster encounters, non respawnable
  • Over 23 side quests of different types (traditional, instanced and recurring)
  • Recurring quests become available again after some time (5 to 15 minutes depending on the quest)
  • Legendary weapons for each character, very well hidden
  • Three Ancient Artifacts that will open new paths for your team
  • Many secrets, hidden quests, mini-bosses and magical items
  • Healing crystals in every dungeon. The save function is all-time available through the menu
  • Loot boxes (named Treasure Chests) with unique items! Do you feel lucky? Open one and see what you got!
  • Different ending cut scenes depending on your choices, exploration prowess, gold and side quest completion
  • In-game item that helps you make your next move in the story quest line
  • We have written a 15 page pdf guide for this as well! It’s free inside the game’s folder. You can view it whenever you want or even print it!
  • FPS Monitor Synch Option; Do you have a monitor that runs over or under 60Hz? Check out this option in the menu!
  • 100% Full screen mode on any monitor via the options menu
  • Gameplay time of over 6 hours (regular) and over 10 hours (100% completion)


You may, also, find The Deal RPG on Steam!

The demo of The Deal RPG is a standalone game. It features a different adventure with The Deal core game characters. Your save files will not move on to the core game.