The Prophecy Lies!


Released: March 2019


The Prophecy Lies! is a cynical, fun, fantasy role playing game with traditional turn based combat. Take the role of Darius, a Tiborean, who has to work with the most despicable creatures of all… the humans! Go to Panom’Arah, a part of the Human World and complete the difficult mission of finding and retrieving the Anomaly, a rare and dangerous form of magic. In the meantime, defeat hordes of enemies, fight bosses, explore dungeons, forests and ruins. Moreover, Darius will have to solve mysteries, help people and find epic and even legendary weapons, armors and other loot!

Furthermore, you will, also, be presented with a chance to purchase your very own village! People from across Panom’Arah will, in essence, flock after you complete parts of the adventure, complete side quests and invite various characters to come and live with you in the village! Will you manage to unravel the history of the human world part, Panom’Arah? Will you find the secret rooms and various loot scattered throughout the world? Read, fight and, above all, explore and you will be rewarded!

The Prophecy Lies! features

  • True Fullscreen mode from the Options
  • Choose Window Skins and Fonts from the Options
  • Controller/touch/keyboard/mouse support
  • FPS Synchronization option for monitors (check the options)
  • Choose your difficulty option at the start of the game
  • Easy to learn combat system
  • Quick Combat! (press the action button while in battle)
  • Aesthetically pleasing areas with lots of treasure and loot
  • 10 secret rooms, various hidden quests and loot
  • Legendary Weapons and Epic Armors
  • Crazy, mysterious and fun characters to interact with
  • Over 20 quests – keep track with the Quest Log and bubble icons
  • Save your progress anywhere you want
  • Visible, non-respawning enemy encounters
  • Mini-bosses to challenge your strategy and wit
  • Lorebook that contains vital information about this adventure
  • Over 20 unique music tracks
  • Rich gameplay time of 8-12 hours depending on your exploration prowess!


You may, also, check out The Prophecy Lies! on Steam.