Released: February 2018


Aplestia is an RPG with light-hearted, unepic, rookie and fun atmosphere! It features the traditional, old school, turn-based combat and has a colorful and amateur-looking world!

The island of Aplestia is in peril and in dire need of help! However, only the most prominent S Class adventurers will be able to tackle this situation! Follow Britton, Marina, Rover and Summer; a team of four amateur guild members who went on their first S Class mission… by mistake! As it seems, you will need to save the townsfolk from a gruesome fate, assist them with their quests and fight the dark forces of the gem-monsters! Of course, behind all the problems in the land lies a powerful, menacing evil, that can be stopped only by the very best adventurers. Be victorious, while becoming rich by finding treasure, solving mysteries, opening long-forgotten stone rooms, defeating various monsters and helping people by completing quests.

Will you manage to defeat the great evil as a team of clueless, rookie adventurers? Will you discover the secrets lying behind the stone dragon doors and triumph over your enemies? Find out on Aplestia!

Aplestia RPG Features

  • True Fullscreen mode from the Options
  • Choose Window Skin from the Options
  • Controller/touch/keyboard/mouse support
  • FPS Synchronization option for older monitors (check the options)
  • Easy to learn combat system
  • Quick Combat! (click on the music note bubble in-battle or press Shift)
  • Colorful areas with lots of treasure and loot
  • Epic weapons and unique armors
  • Crazy characters to interact with
  • Over a dozen of unique quests
  • Quest bubble icons to help you keep track of the accepted quests
  • Save your progress anywhere you want
  • Visible, non-respawning enemy encounters
  • Mini-bosses to challenge your strategy
  • Over 20 unique music tracks
  • Rich gameplay time of 4-5 hours depending on your exploration prowess!


You may, also, find Aplestia on Steam.




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