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    • txpeach
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      I started the game over since I was lost as to what I have and have not done. I have 2 pieces of Mythical Equipment. I have a skeleton key that says it opens a metal door in the Dirty Catacombs but for the life of me, I can’t find the door.

      My first time through, I stumbled upon Secret Rooms #4 & 5 but have not clue where I found them. Can you let me know what section they are in?


    • Anonymous
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      You need to be able to get beyond the secret rune doors before using the skeleton key. Have you gotten that far along yet in your 2nd playthrough?

      Secret Room #4
      Haunted Castle (Gold Entry)

      Secret Room #5
      Witch’s Mansion (Purple Entry)

    • txpeach
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      Thanks! Found the other 2 secret rooms. As far as the secret rune doors, this is what I have:

      Dirty Catacombs – 1
      Forrest – 1
      Haunted Castle – 2 (plus area using transparent key)
      Witch’s Mansion – 4

      Am I missing any?

    • Orfeas
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      The Dirt Catacombs have 2 Mystic Rooms: one is inside the secret room and the other one is at the final screen, just above Broomy Ghost

      After getting your third mythical, go to the ghost vendor area in Duruduru Castle and buy the last mythical from Diego the skeleton explorer, who stands there!

      Just a tip for the secret rooms: in close proximity to any secret room, you always find/see a “thing” that is of blue color, contrary to other things. Blue-eyed gargoyle heads, blue mushrooms, blue pumpkinheads, blue lanterns are the things that indicate secret entrance. After entering in one secret room, the blue thing changes its color back to normal.

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