Hello, everyone! I am happy to announce that we released our latest game: A Spooky Teaparty, featuring Rover, Summer, Britton and Marina! These four friends can’t catch a break after their successful run through our game Aplestia and are back at adventuring!

The game has a fun, dorkily spooky, sarcastic and light atmosphere. You will meet new characters, find weapons, armors, accessories and new items. Battle hand-painted enemies and level-up to learn devastating new skills!

This game is considered to be the continuation of Aplestia, but like all our games, you do not need to have played the previous ones. This one, like any other one of our games, stands on its own and you don’t actually need to know or remember much from the adventures that happened in the past.

I really hope you enjoy and have fun with this one! We tried something different game design-wise, so I am really looking forward to your feedback, as well!

Have fun!