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    • mamachi
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      I am at level 8 and I cant use Athenas magic. She has 251 MP and 0 TP and the spells are with blue colour for MP. I tried in battle and outside battle with no luck. I know that I cant use the spells in green that must be the TP
      Please tell me what I am doing wrong.

    • Orfeas
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      Hello! I guess you are talking about Adriana’s magic, right? She uses two different kind of magic types: Witchcraft and Runic Sorcery. She can use Witchcraft only if she is equipped with gloves. Runic Sorcery spells are available to her only if she is equipped with a Hammer. So you may only use only one type, depending on the weapon she is equipped with. Is that what you are essentially asking?

      It’s true that green coloring is for TP and blue is for MP, by the way.

      Runic Sorcery spells are not castable out of battle, only Witchcraft can be casted out of battle.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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