The Prophecy Lies! received a new update that fixes some typos, fixing the Lorebook ghost and other. It is trivial to have this version of the game, if you wish to keep the game on your pc and not unistall it. The newest update is 1.0.9 and fixed these things, in more detail:

A) The flogian vampires, a lorebook page is now available. It is located in Floga Mines (appears after accepting the Morph Mage quest). You can find it in the hole in the ground, by interacting with the Wings icon.

B) Several typos have been fixed; dialog in the Floga Town inn, mercenary chief’s dialog, Wind Serpent hammer and other.

C) Adventurer’s Notes in pdf form! To find these notes, navigate to the place where the game is installed. Enter the Adventurer’sNotes folder and you can find it in there. This is the default path:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Orfeas Game Studio\The Prophecy Lies!\The Prophecy Lies!\Adventurer’sNotes

D) Fixed a quest point in the Quest Log that recorded a task wrongly.

E) Added some assets that may be used in a future DLC (Downloadable Content). This is not certain, but it’s good to have them around.