Shattered Worlds and its demo version have been updated to version 1.0.1, fixing two issues. One minor and one major In more detail:

A] Two audio files could cause loading corruption and make gameplay intorelable.

B] A tile shadow was missing outside of Filly Cavern.

Most of the people who played or play the game will not need this version of the game. In general, if you are playing the game and can walk around Astus, outside of the castle, without any issue, you are fine with the version you are currenly playing.

If you experience problems with the game trying to load files and you cannot play properly, because alert messages interrupt you all the time… then this is the version for you!

To get the latest version, redownload the game from the link in the e-mail you received after purchasing the game. Then, uninstall the previous version from your pc and reinstall the new one.