Games that received updates: “The Prophecy Lies!” and “The Deal

Greetings everyone! I am happy to announce that our first ever game has received a new update… after one year and some many months! The Deal has been updated to version 1.6.0 from 1.5.3! Pretty much the only thing that was updated was… its engine! The Prophecy Lies!’ engine was used to ensure stability and the reduction of freezes and lags. Since The Deal was created with a very old version of RPGMaker MV, we updated node.js, pixi.js and all of its scripts to be up-to-date and match the newest games that can be produced with RPGMaker! Of course, there are more changes:

A] Faster combat in battle, like The Prophecy Lies!

B] Myrella’s battle image in Cyrus’ first dream has been remade.

C] A cursor has been implemented in the game.

D] All scripts are far less resourse heavy and can run faster.

Now, our newest game “The Prophecy Lies!” received another update, since some bugs, glitches and mistakes have been spotted! Special thanks to LadyJJ, txpeach and vald in aldorlea forums. The new version is 1.0.5.

The fixes include:

A] Statue buying bug has ben fixed.
B] Sliding door in Vertaxo Ruins now works correctly.
C] The mystic Krypsinos room in the Ancient Water Temple can now be reentered.
D] Witch Mansion Ruby Chest can now be normally opened, if the player has the Ruby Key.
E] The Vortis World teleportation has been fixed.
F] The yellow key in the Ancient Fire Temple now appears in the dialog normally.
G] Sister Matilda now drops a minor hint on where to find her after moving her from her spot.