The Prophecy Lies! has been updated to version 1.0.7 from 1.0.5 (skipping the 1.0.6 version), due to several small things fixed and added.

These fixes are not essential for all gamers. The bug where the game would freeze at the ending cutscene appeared only to a couple of players, not everyone. If you don’t care about the last cutscene of the game or everything worked for you there, you can safely skip this version.

What has been fixed in more detail:

  • Some random typos have been fixed
  • The Lorebook ghost now counts for seven pages in your lorebook: (a)Tiborea and its structure (b)The four magic crystals (c)Grimm Grove, the illustrous (d)Panom’Arahian religion (e)The flogian vampires (f)The Vertaxo ruins (g)Unkown diary records.
  • Two characters have been created to talk about the Grimm Grove.
  • Player will now be notified after every energized mushroom in the Grimm Grove. (there are 8 mushroom that must be energized)
  • Ending cutscenes have been regulated and fixed. Hopefully the freezes there have been fixed.
  • More information about the Rune of Clairvoyance has been put in the game in form of dialog. Sister Matilda now drops a hint on where to use it.
  • The Krino Flower quest: sister Maribelle now tells you if you are able to do the quest right now or try later.